Back in July, we announced the free Create Your Own Website for $9.99 program! We’ve been testing the course for the past 3 months, and after several iterations, it’s now ready for public testing!

According to the feedback we received during the test, the course still needs someone to answer questions to be effective.<br>So for this public test we need to check assignments and answer questions.

Our previous homework checking and question answering needs to be done in the course on our website.<br>Since the tools and processes are well established, this public test will also need to be done in the course on our website.

The only small problem is that you need to register for the site and pay $9.99 (which is the minimum amount for our site program) to use the course and join the class discord group.

If you don’t mind this problem, you can wait until we finish the test and make the course public for free, and you don’t need to answer the questions (because we will put the common questions together), and you don’t need to hand in the homework, because the answers will be explained too!

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